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Glenmaggie Boat Races

The Glenmaggie boat races was again held this year just prior to Melbourne cup Nov 3/4 with us being the resuce crew for the 2 day event. It was well attended this year by many boats, and the weather was generally pretty calm, despite one or two little wind squalls going through and one of them causing a junior boat to flip.
It was well attended this year by many boats, and the weather was generally pretty calm, despite one or two little wind squalls going through and one of them causing a junior boat to flip. This was one of two human rescues for the 2 days that were both fortunately thrown clear of their vessels, and meant we could support them in the water before loading into the medical boat for examination. The Junior boat also sunk on course which Dale Pattison (boat driver extraordinaire) was quick to set a GPS mark for, so with the driver safe in the medic boat, Russell and I both setout to find the sunken vessel which with a quick sound around was easily found and towed back to the surface. Once we had towed that back in, while I was untying it I got a call another boat was sinking so off we went. this time a boat had drifted off course during the last race after cutting out, but the number one BOATY mistake was, the driver left the bungs out, and as consequence it was filling with water and sinking. After getting that one upright and towed back by the boundary rider boat, it was back on course to finish Day 1. Day 2 saw 1 driver get thrown as his vessel flipped and apart from being a bit sore he too was ok. The 3 of us there had a very busy time but was a very well oiled machine by the end with everyone knowing the role they played and communication was key. With the upcoming races for this season, it will be great to see some others get out there and hopefully have a bit of a quieter time than we did. Safe Boating

Neil Richards


Clean Up Australia Day

Good afternoon everyone, on Sunday 24thof February the club will be assisting with clean up Australia. This will be taking place a full week before the official Australia day due to the club organized trip to Phillip Island.
We will be conducting the activity in Lakes Entrance meeting up at the Floating Dragon jetty car park for our safety briefing then moving up the shore line diving off the jetties. This has been created as a public event so please invite anyone interested in helping out we need non divers as much as divers. Please direct any inquires towards Peter and please check out the event below. https://www.cleanupaustraliaday.org.au/fundraisers/petermcdiarmid/lakes-entrance-jetties

Andrew Mc


Website Posted Live

Congratulations the Bairnsdale Scuba Club web page is now live. Currently the site has limited functionality but in time other pages and features will be added.

Andrew Mc


Rescue Training Day

The Bairnsdale Scuba Club had a training day at the Dandenong Swimming pool last weekend as part of their ongoing training program with the APBA (Australian Power Boat Association) in readiness for this seasons East Gippsland racing season which starts on Melbourne Cup weekend at Lake Glenmaggie.
The Bairnsdale Scuba Clubs roll is to provide rescue swimmers and divers for the races so that in the unfortunate event of an accident on the water a rescue boat sitting in the middle of the course is able to respond at a moment’s notice to assist with any injured ,unconscious or trapped drivers. The power boat drivers were put into a boat capsule simulator and taken into the pool by our divers/snorkelers before being tipped over and placed upside down where they then had to open the hatch, remove the steering wheel and free themselves from seat belts. They had to do this three times with the last time wearing black out glasses so they had zero visibility. First aid training with possible spinal injuries and CPR were also included in the training providing valuable experience for the drivers and the swimmers. Twenty seven drivers completed the course which is a compulsory requirement for the drivers every two years. These exercise days builds a good relationship between our two clubs and creates the necessary experience and qualifications needed to run these racing days on the water.

Peter Mc


Annual General Meeting:

Thank you to Lachie for hosting the 2018 AGM. 2018 AGM has seen a change in the clubs leadership with Peter as club president, Jeff as Sectary, and Andrew as the Treasurer. I personally would like to thank the old guard for all they have done for the club over the many years.

Andrew Mc


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